Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 06750, Route 25, Trumbull, CT

Posted on August 30th, 2022

Large scale tree clearing along the State Right-of-Way to facilitate the construction of access roads to the work site and for future Connecticut Department of Transportation maintenance work. The scope of this project included the cleaning and repairs to the existing 72” diameter corrugated metal pipe that runs underneath Route 25 northbound and southbound, and lining it with a 63” diameter high density polyethylene culvert. Temporary cofferdams were installed and dewatered to facilitate the grouting of the annulus between the host structure and liner, and for the construction of a new headwall and endwall. New gates were installed at the entrances to the access roads and new metal beam rail and end anchorages along Route 25 southbound. Plantings were installed and any disturbed areas restored with turf upon project completion.

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